asg believes safety is job one.

We will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and are committed to providing a safe working environment.


1. All accidents are preventable through implementation and adherence to effective safety and health control policies and programs.

2. Safety and health controls are a major part of our everyday work.

3. Accident prevention is good business. It minimizes human suffering, promotes better working conditions for everyone, holds us in higher regard with customers, and increases productivity.

4. We will comply with all safety and health regulations that apply to the course and scope of our operations.

We fully understand our client’s concerns and risks and develop proactive strategies to resolve them in the execution of our maintenance.  This discussion with the client and communication to our workforce of these concerns enable a seamless implementation of client-based strategic risk control solutions.



The job is important, but what we are most proud of is the relationships we build with our customers. ASG Solutions has a history of extremely satisfied customers and we make sure that we keep it that way.  Our project rating reports have been rated at or above expectations.


ASG Solutions executes your projects by assigning a Project Manager who will work with you and be responsible for the overall execution of the project from beginning to end. This life cycle management of your project provides you several benefits. The primary benefit is increased quality and customer satisfaction through the use of customer-focused teamwork. The process also requires our Project Managers to build effective communications into all activities and processes. It is not possible to produce quality projects or maintain quality relationships without this type of communication. Communication is the starting point and is essential to foster cooperation and to understand requirements and expected outcomes. Effective and credible communications must be applied from project planning through project completion. The Project Manager works with customers early in the project planning process to determine what the customer needs and to refine those requirements in light of safety, fiscal, schedule, and other constraints. We plan for quality, rather than just hoping to achieve it. We believe in doing the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time. We build trust with customers and co-workers by clarifying expectations and only making commitments we are prepared to keep. And finally, ASG Solutions strives to use the best practices in the construction and maintenance industry and we seek continuous improvement in our processes.


State of the art communications keeps all on-site operations connected and synchronized, further strengthening Loss Prevention and enhancing both safety and efficiency.


Basin B-4 Calmet Grove Postal Facility

Belvedere Executive South 7

Belevedere Grow In

Bridge Repair

Buenos Aires Professional Place

Buffalo Ridge Mass Grading

Canal Panel Repair

Cindy Brooker Chevrolet

CR 466A Mass Grading

Crane Hill Farm

CR 227 – TB

District 5 Mass Grading

(Phase 1 and Phase 2)

District 6 Mass Grading

District 7 Mass Grading Phase (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

District 8 Mass grading

District 9 Mass Grade

District 10 Mass Grade

Emmett Sapp Office Complex

Farner Barley Office Complex

Florida Horse Park Polo Fields

Florida Horse Park Bank Jumps

Florida Horse Park Concession Building

Freedom Point

Fort Knox Storage Facility

Havana Championship Golf Course Maintenance

Freimuth Drywall Warehouse

Hemingway Grow In / Maturation

Greenbriar Retention Pond

Lake Sumter Landing Downtown Center

Hemingway Championship 27

Lago Santo Domingo Liner Installation

Hurst Mass Grading

Lakes of Mount Dora Phase I

Lakes of Mount Dora Phase II & Clubhouse

Lakes of Mount Dora Clubhouse

Lakes of Mount Dora RV Park

Lakeshore Cottages

Lake Sumter District Deck Replacement

Lakeshore Bridge Repair

Lighthouse Remodeling

Lighthouse Roof Repair

Legacy Mass Grading

Mallory Square Facilities

Lopez Pump Station Pond Rehabilitation

Mallory Square S-9 Phase II

Mallory Square Championship South 9

Mallory Square Golf Course Grow In

MC-17 Brooks Lake Intake Repair

Miona Villages Pond Liner

Mission Hill Mass Grading

Morse Residential / Barn

Morse Boulevard / Stillwater Trail Construction

Pond Basin B-1H

Rope Rails Repairs, Lake Sumter

Sanders Grove Heritage Cottages

Shear Express Training Academy

Southern Lifestyles Warehouse

State Farm Insurance Complex

Stillwater Bridge Repair

Stonecrest – The Meadows

Stonecrest Pond # 16

Sumter Sanitation

Sumter Sanitation Expansion

Sunset Point Golf Course

Sun Trust Bank Site

Veranda Design Center

Verandah Design Center Parking

Villages Leesburg Hanger

Village of Sumter Unit 94

Water Wheel Repairs

Waste Management Maintenance Facility

Water Tower at Lake Sumter Landing

Waterfront Inn, Lake Sumter Landing

Waterfront Sheetpile Installation

West Canal Pipe Cap

Woodgate Subdivision

Next Steps…

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